3 Best Bubble Tea In Jakarta

Bubble tea, originated from Taiwan is now becoming a new phenomenon in Indonesia. There are so many choices of bubble tea cafe in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. And now, we want to share to you some of bubble drink in Jakarta that we’ve tasted so far. Check it out!

1. Fook Yew’s The Last Emperor

I don’t know if you guys know this, but Fook Yew do sell bubble tea. And it by far is the best one! There are 2 versions of bubble drink, alcohol & non-alcohol. They use 12 Chinese astrology to name the alcohol ones and China’s classic movie title for the non-alcohol. The one we tried is called The Last Emperor. It consists of taro milk, red bean, and tapioca balls. It was so gooood that I cringed (in a good way) every time I sipped it into my mouth. The bubble is just a regular bubble, but the density of the milk is great, and the texture and the sweetness of the red bean complete it perfectly! Unfortunately, they serve it in one size only and they used too much ices so it ran out fast. So, better ask for less ice next time.

fook yew bubble tea
The Last Emperor


2. ShareTea’s Avocado Cocoa Rock Salt

From the bottom to the top, it consists of avocado, chocolate, and rock salt cheese. The best way to drink it is to cut the cover a little bit and drink it directly from there. My first impression was weird. But a good weird. It’s rich, savoury, unique and unusual. It’s too heavy because of its thickness so I don’t recommend you drink it after you eat or you’ll feel bloated. And don’t mix it or you’ll just taste the avocado here because it’s the dominant one.

share tea avocado cocoa rock salt bubble tea
Avocado cocoa rock salt


3. ComeBuy’s Purple Rice Chocolate

I never thought that purple rice (we usually call it ketan hitam in Indonesia) can be this good mixed with chocolate drink. It’s unusual for bubble tea to use purple rice, and so far I only found it in ComeBuy. It consists of chocolate and purple rice. That’s it! Simple but satisfying. The chocolate is rich and the purple rice made it even more rich. I don’t know how to explain it. But I’m sure most of Indonesians will love it like I do. Just give it a try.

Come Buy bubble tea
Come Buy’s Purple Rice Chocolate


That’s all! Is there any bubble drink that you want me to review? Or do you guys have any other recommendation? Just tell me in the comment section below 🙂


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