Review: Sate Taichan Patal Senayan

A week ago, we heard a rumor that there is a delicious sate in Patal Senayan, well known as Sate Taichan, which always crowded with people even with Indonesia’s celebrities. Without further ado, we decided to give it a shot.

And you know what, we couldn’t find the place. We even went around Patal Senayan & Hotel Mulia for 5 times! We tried to find the address or review on the internet, but couldn’t find any. Then, we gave up. Bye sate~ T^T

But yesterday, we inadvertently passed around Patal Senayan again to took my laundry. No other purposes. Then, I saw many cars parked around this tiny bitty counter on the bridge, with no lighting whatsoever, dark, no smoke like usual sate, with a tiny bitty letters spelled “Taichan”. Wohoooo~

We found it!
We found it!

My SO refused to stop and drove straight to the laundry because it was 9 pm already. But he promised me that we’ll go back there after that. Yay!

We didn’t know anything. What kind of Sate available, what kind of sauce, etc. My SO just said “Bang, 2 porsi pake lontong ya”, I added “pedes Bang”. Then we waited.

We saw that most of people there ordered dozens of sate. Maybe because the sate itself are so tiny. We waited for almost 30 minutes in the car because there are no chairs or tables provided.

Can you see that cabe? *drooling*
Can you see that cabe? *drooling*
*calling all spicy lovers in Jakarta*


Visually, it’s just tiny sate and cabe. A LOT of cabe. No grilled smell that I usually notice from the common sate. And it tasted just like its appearance, chicken & cabe. I’m a spicy lover, and I know how hard it is to find a true spicy food in Jakarta for me. That’s why I looovee this sate. It’s spicy, salty enough, and kinda refreshing because of the lime juice. But my SO hates it. He said that Sate Taichan is the worst sate he has ever tasted :(. It’s just too spicy. Nothing special. So, based on our different opinion, we recommend this Sate Taichan for those who are spicy lovers like me. But maybe not for those who don’t think spiciness matters.

They open from evening until around 1-2 am which is good if you guys hungry in the middle of the night. The only saddened thing about this sate, for me, is the price. We paid IDR 34.000 for 2 portions of sate which consisted of 10 pieces of sate and lontong for each plate. I don’t know, maybe the amount of cabe used is what makes this sate pricey. While waiting for the mamas2 to find change for my money, I realized that they actually also provide sate with peanut sauce!! Too bad, we didn’t know this. We’ll come back later for sure! 🙂

Address (open at night):


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