Review: Ketan Durian Ala Thailand

Who likes Durian? Well, some people hate it, but most of Indonesian people love it so much, including me!

Yesterday, we got this irresistible dessert which gradually becoming hot topic on Instagram, Ketan Durian! woo-hooo~~~

Ketan Durian

When I opened the box, the uniquely sweet smell of durian spread out and made me drool!

Hap! Perfect size, no need to bite into small pieces

Ketan durian consists of ketan (white sticky rice) & durian cream. The size was small to make it easy to eat. I didn’t need to bite to cut it, just put the whole piece into my mouth. And God, the cream melts as soon as I put it into my mouth. The combination between ketan & durian cream was heavenly. It was so good! The ketan was great and chewy, and the durian cream on top was so soooft and smooth. I can tell that the cream was made by a real durian not just an essence. Perfect for afternoon snack!

Can you see that thick durian cream? *drooling*

The price is IDR 70.000/box. There are 25 pieces per box. The delivery fee is flat IDR 25.000, but unfortunately, at this moment it’s available for Jakarta area only. It’s definitely worth to try! If you guys interested, you can contact my friend via whatsapp/sms at 0812 86 8888 27. She’ll give you the detail.

See ya!

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