Review: Bebek Yogi

Bebek Yogi, for us, is one of the best bebek restaurant in Jakarta. We frequently visit the restaurant anytime we crave for bebek.

Bebek Yogi is located at Jalan Panjang No 28, West Jakarta. You can easily spot it with its bright and big sign.

bebek-yogi-jakarta The interior of Bebek Yogi is just like a regular restaurant. Dominated with strong colours like red, yellow, and black, Bebek Yogi seems to want to emphasize its masculinity. They also hang many photos on the wall with famous people to show how popular they are. But with some wooden tables & chairs, Bebek Yogi definitely meant to be a place to eat, not to hang out for hours.

Famous people on the wall
Famous people on the wall
All yellow

This time, I ordered Bebek Goreng Sambal Rica.

Bebek Goreng Sambal Rica

The serving portion was big. The waiter told me that they use 1/2 duck, but I doubt that. It’s a little bit small for 1/2, but still it’s more than enough. No complain at all.

My Bebek Goreng fried perfectly. The meat was so tender, rich, and juicy as always. This is why I love Bebek Yogi more than Bebek Slamet in terms of the quality (and quantity) of the meat.

My SO ordered Bebek Bakar Sambal Ijo.

Bebek Bakar Sambal Ijo
Bebek Bakar

The meat was as great as the fried one. But the grilled one was sweeter (due to the soy sauce they use maybe) and had a wonderful smell of grilled meat. I love them both. But my SO love the grilled one the most.

Unfortunately, as a spicy lover, I can say that their sambal can’t satisfy me. I love Bebek Slamet’s sambal more. Bebek Yogi’s sambal is just not that spicy for me, but I suggest you to not take it as your preference because I have known to have such a high endurance toward spiciness. My SO said it’s spicy enough for him. So maybe it’s enough for you guys as well.

They have 3 more sambals on every table apart from the one type that we ordered.

1. Sambal Mangga

Sambal Mangga Bebek Yogi

Not spicy at all. The mango was sweet. I don’t know why, though for sambal, it’s supposed to be sour mango.

2. Sambal (just regular sambal)

Sambal Bebek Yogi

Better than the previous one. But still, not spicy….

3. Sambal Ijo

sambal ijo bebek yogi
Sorry, nothing left

I’m not sure if I can call it sambal. Because it has no spiciness at all. But it’s great if you mix it with rice. It made the rice smells great and the oil from the sambal made the rice tastier than ever!


Cah Kangkung

They only serve two kind of vegetables, which are Cah Kangkung & Cah Toge. We tried the Cah Kangkung. It was great. The kangkung still fresh. Combined with nasi & bebek, it completed the overall taste.

Overall, Bebek Yogi never disappoint us. Though I really want to combine Bebek Yogi’s meat with Bebek Slamet’s sambal. It would be perfect for me! :p

What do you guys think? Do you have any other recommendation? Just leave your comment below 🙂



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