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Few years ago, I wrote something on my old blog about where to find Japanese friend or penpal. I just want to re-post the information here and give you some tips about how to find one.

I looooove Japan so much. I love their food, culture, language, and their super-famous-and-handsome-and-awesome-and-talented-yet-super-down-to-earth-and-dorky idol group, Arashi!

So, I started to learn Japanese by myself. It’s bad, just enough for daily conversation. I thought I need to find some native to practice with.

One day, I met with a Japanese girl on twitter and she told me about this one site that provide a place for foreigners to find Japanese penpal and vice versa.

You need to create an account first. Then, there are two different ways to find a friend. I call it active and passive approach.

For the active approach, you can find friend by reading ads. By default, the site will show all the ads. But you can filter it by location, gender, age range, language, occupation, interest, and nationality to find what kind of people that suits your interest the best. Read the ads, find some people you think are suitable with you or someone who shares the same interest or passion, and then send them a message!

If they don’t reply your message, don’t worry, maybe they don’t have time or they simply are not interested with you. Just find another!

The second approach is to write an ad. Fill in some basic information just like the first approach, and explain about yourself. Here are some important things about how to write about yourself:

  1. Be genuine and specific. If you like to read books, tell them what kind of books that you like and give some examples. It would be easier for the active approacher to find you.
  2. Write about your purpose and expectation. Tell them about your interests, what kind of friend are you looking for, and what can you offer in return.

That’s it! You just need to be patient. It’s not easy to find a good friend even in real life. Just take it easy.

For me, I wrote an ad in 2011. Then, many people came to me afterwards. All of them were interested with Indonesian culture and wanted to learn Bahasa Indonesia. But only one person who still keeps contact with me. Not as often as the old days, but we’re still friend anyway. I even stayed for one night with his family when I was in Osaka. And for that, I’m grateful :D.

“Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.”  ― C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

japanese friend penpal
Yeaah my new friends from Japan


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