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It was such a great experience

For those who can’t eat pork because of religion like us, we have a good news for you. Now we all can eat pork! The pork that I’m gonna tell you is halal, no need to worry. It’s vegetarian pork at a vegetarian restaurant, made of soy bean/tofu, but it tastes just like the original pork (according to our non-muslim friends).

We ate ‘pork’ for the first time at Vegetus Vegetarian, a vegetarian restaurant in Pluit, Jakarta Utara. It looks like a regular chinese restaurant. The restaurant was quiet, only a few people inside when we came on sunday afternoon.

The first thing that we ordered was Babi Panggang (grilled pork).

Babi Panggang Halal
Babi Panggang Halal

That was our first time eating pork. We’re not sure about the taste and we can’t compare it as well. Our friends said that Babi Panggang in Vegetus Vegetarian is very similar with the original one. If they’re true, well then, we can say honestly that we don’t really like it. For me especially, the pork meat was too fatty. Since I don’t like meat fat, this one obviously doesn’t suit my taste. Sorry, pork. Now I have one more reason not to eat you~

The second one was Rendang.

Rendang Vegetarian
Rendang Vegetarian

We loooveeee it! This tasted just the same as the original one, even way better! The texture, fiber and the smell of this Rendang were imitated perfectly. We were so impressed with this. One last thing which also make this Rendang unforgettable is its tenderness. It was soooo tender and eatable for elderly who can not eat solid food anymore.

The third one was Ikan Bakar (grilled fish).

Ikan Bakar Vegetarian
Ikan Bakar Vegetarian
For those who’s wondering, that black thing is not burn mark, it’s Nori (seaweed)

Hmm, they don’t explain what kind of fish they want to imitate, but in general, percentage of similarity to the original Ikan Bakar is about 70%. At times, when I took a bite, I could taste it as fish meat, but sometimes I couldn’t. It’s quite good, a little bit sweet, but I still prefer the original one. Yeah, nothing can beat the original fish!

Brokoli Saus Jamur
Irresistibly Delicious

For vegetable, we ordered Brokoli Saus Jamur. It’s health and irresistibly delicious! Can you see that overflowing Shimeji mushroom? It’s pleasant, slightly crunch, and chewy. I loooovve it!

Juice Kedondong
Juice Kedondong

I had a Juice Kedondong at Malaysian Restaurant before, and it tasted so good! I decided to give it a try again. But I don’t like it. It’s too sour, sweet, and left unpleasant taste in my mouth. I could feel myself getting thirstier after drink it.

Mix Juice

However, unlike the other one, Vegetus’ Mix Juice was sweet & refreshing. Truly perfect companion for the food.

That’s it! Overall, we enjoy our time at Vegetus Vegetarian. It was such a great experience. And we definitely will explore and review more about vegetarian food. Do you have any other recommendation? Just leave your comment below 🙂


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