Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass) Q&A

The common questions for first time Japan traveler are, what is JR Pass? Should I buy it or not? Where to buy? How to use it? etc…

Okay, before I answer those questions, there are so many websites that explain what JR Pass is. Have you read those? I won’t re-post something that can be found anywhere. If you guys want to read the detail information, I suggest you to read this first.

In summary, JR Pass is a pass for all kind of transportation, mostly train, managed by Japan Rail company. For Indonesian, it can be a little confusing at first. Because in Indonesia, all trains are managed by PT KAI. No other choices. But in Japan, public transportation especially train are owned not only by the government but also some other private companies. And this JR Pass is for that Japan Rail only. But don’t worry, because Japan Rail maintains nation-wide network railway in Japan. Read the JR Pass’ coverage/validity.

Should I buy it?

That depends on your itinerary. If you travel around cities a lot like me, then you should buy it. But if you just stay at 1 or 2 cities, don’t buy it. Just buy a regular train ticket, because JR Pass is quite expensive.

How much & where to buy JR Pass in Jakarta?

Price as of Februari 2015

38,880 YEN
19,440 YEN
29,110 YEN
14,550 YEN
62,950 YEN
31,470 YEN
46,390 YEN
23,190 YEN
81,870 YEN
40,930 YEN
59,350 YEN
29,670 YEN

Source: Japan Rail Pass

I bought my ordinary 14 Days JR Pass at:

Jalan Jend. Sudirman No.3-4, Kota Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta 10220

I recommend you to buy with Japanese Yen (JPY). Don’t use Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) because their currency rate is bad. It’s cheaper if you use JPY instead of IDR. If you guys wondering, the Green type reflects to the green cars available on Shinkansen & limited express trains. It offers larger seats, spacious foot space, and some other luxury facilities.

How to use JR Pass?

JR Pass

You can not use the JR Pass voucher you bought as soon as you land in Japan. You have to exchange your voucher first at JR office in the airport or in the main train stations. At the JR office, you will fill in a form & show your passport to be validated. You will be asked about the start date to use the pass. It doesn’t have to be the day of the exchange. Once your pass is validated, you can start use it on the date you’ve chosen for the consecutive number of days of your pass’ validity.

After that, just show your pass to the officer every time you get in or out of the gates in the stations.

That’s it! I don’t know if it’s clear enough or not, but if you have any questions, just leave your comment below 🙂

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